The Tree House Kids

The Tree House Kids

A project created by the Cohen-Harounoff brothers, Ran and Yaya.

What began with one music album in 2015 quickly turned into a gold-album label and led to three additional albums in collaboration with several renowned artists. The project continued to develop with Five best-selling books for young readers – all chosen for the Book Parade by the Ministry of Education, a play based on the book “Operation Forest” (performed at the Mediatheque Theater in Holon), and a popular, award-winning television series considered the flagship of the Educational Television Channel. The series also won Twelve awards at the Israeli academy of Film and Television.

Ran Cohen-Harounoff: Author of children’s literature and educator. Published ten children’s books, among them five books in the series “Tree House Kids,” and the songs for four music albums of the same name. Many of his books became best-sellers, three were adapted for the theater, and his book, “Henneke and Fiet,” a story about his own mother during the Holocaust, was chosen as the Children’s Play of the Year. A production company in The Netherlands is currently working on an adaptation of the book into a movie for the whole family.

Ran is an international expert for early childhood education and serves as a consultant in many countries, working mainly with underprivileged populations in Africa and America.

The Books
Best-seller series recommended by the Ministry of Education

The Tree House Kids 1

Operation Forest

First place in the Ministry of Education’s Book Parade for Grades 1-3. As a child, who hasn’t dreamt of joining an adventurous gang that meets in a tree house? What child doesn’t want his father to build him a tree house a place he can call his own and invite friends? How can we connect the dreams and fantasies of children to the “world of adults?” Eran, Maya, and Yoav share a tree house. It’s belonged to them and only them ever since they were little. That is where they meet, talk, feel happy or sad, sing, goof around, fight and make up. Now they found out their tree house is in danger. They must act and fast. But how do you save a tree, not to mention an entire forest…?!

The Tree House Kids 2

Saving Kfir

Eight days before summer vacation is over, an unusual guest shows up under the tree house. While Eran, Yoav and Maya try to figure out where he came from and why he chose them, they find themselves in a complicated and suspenseful conflict with much older kids from a different neighborhood. The Tree House Kids understand that this time, their music won’t be enough. They have to come up with an extraordinary solution to make sure their adventure has a happy ending.

The Tree House Kids 3

Not an Ordinary Kid

First place in the Ministry of Education’s Book Parade for Grades 1-3
Not everything works out for the Tree House Kids when the school year begins: Shani isn’t sure she wants to be Yoav’s girlfriend, Maya is insulted by the girls in her class, and Itay, Amir’s brother, is sent to a different school. When Itay disappears, the gang realizes they have to take charge and even get the Minister of Education involved.

The Tree House Kids 4

The Knights of the Green Table

Strange things are happening in the forest of the Tree House Kids. Someone is throwing piles of construction waste into the middle of the forest after dark, and a sleeping bag and a strange suitcase turn up in the tree house. Is there a connection between the two? The Tree House Kids are determined to solve the mystery by themselves in spite of the danger, because when they have a good cause, they will never give up.
All of the books in the series were written by Ran Cohen Harounoff and illustrated by Yaniv Shimoni, one of the most renowned illustrators in Israel. All four books in the series became best-sellers and were chosen for the Book Parade by the Ministry of Education.

The Tree House Kids 5

Grandpa’s Secret

Old and new secrets employ the Tree House Kids. At Maya’s grandfather’s house there is a hidden door of a small safe, but before it becomes clear what exactly are the strange objects hidden there, someone breaks into the safe and disappears. The Tree house Kids try again to reveal the truth. Will they be able to overcome the heartless crooks? Will they find out why Yoav is behaving so strangely?

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